My name is Yuzuha which means leaf of yuzu, a citrus fruit. You can call me Yuzu (you-zoo!) My passion is creating unique visual solutions that achieve your marketing goals. My experience in branding and print production would help your brand and company to establish the look that speaks to your audience. I also love drawing and creating the original assets. Translating your data and information into a visual story would be a lot easier with my skills to create custom icons and graphics.
I initially grew my interest in graphic design as I faced a language barrier speaking my second language. I was very fascinated with the potential of visual communication that verbal communication doesn't have. This passion lead me to study graphic design in one of the industry's top schools, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. My mission as a graphic designer has always been to pursue unique visual solutions that speak to the heart of the audience regardless of the languages they speak.
Design (and food!) is my way of communication.